Chi-osk in BAB-Bakan Architectural Biennale

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BAB-02 BAB-01

We are very glad to see the project Chi-osk presented in the 1st BAB-Balkan Architectural Biennale. Thank You Maja Brucic and James Price Chuck for the collaboration.

Chi-osk gets it’s first recognition!

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Chi-Osk-Jutarnji list Jutarnji list. August 2015.

Chi-osk project has been published in the national newspaper ‘Jutarnji list’ in Croatia. Chi-osk is a project for an optimized kiosk done together with Maja Brucic and James Price Chuck.

Renovation in Eixample gets its first publication!

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Eva Cotman_IMCB_01 Eva Cotman_IMCB_02_Page_1 Eva Cotman_IMCB_02_Page_2 Eva Cotman_IMCB_02_Page_3 Eva Cotman_IMCB_02_Page_4

Publication of the flat renovation in Eixample, near Sagrada Familia in an interview about interior design and decoration in the magazine “IM cocinas y baños” no. 80_2014. Interviewed by Paula Recarey

Your house is your favorite place where you stay with your close ones. Thinking to renovate your home is quite a tough decision. Most of you try to remodel your home yourself. But the results are not always pretty enough. Remodeling of the house involves painting or changing of the appliances and the light fixtures, and sometimes it requires changing the whole decor and position of the rooms and spaces. and of course a professional, we recommend the work of property maintenance company london.

The home renovators having years of experience and extensive knowledge in home renovation can make your home look really eye-catching. But the whole process should be done carefully. Here are some points, considering which will help you to renovate your house quickly.

Home remodeling projects arise due to various reasons. You may find that your kitchen has not been renovated for the past few years. You may also want to work in the home, so you might require new varieties of appliances and decoration. Though the reasons are many, you should consider some of the things before thinking to renovate the home. If you are staying in your present home for few years from now, then you should not spend a lot. You can remodel your home for temporary needs or do it to influence your lifestyle. If you are renovating your home for selling purpose, at first you should be sure about the current appraisal amount of the house by doing extensive research or hiring an appraiser. Your house is your castle. You deserve to enjoy staying inside it. Remodeling makes the house more livable and airy.

Article about 150 ideas for small apartments

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ADRaval project was included in the article in the prestigious magazine Arquitectura y Diseño, October edition.

Raval apartment published in Oris magazine

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Eva Cotman-Oris Article about the interior refurbishment of the Raval apartment in Barcelona.




July 2014.

Tiny apartments for Singles

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The Raval project has been published in the Book “Tiny apartments for singles” by the Monsa Editorial.

The single life is one of the best ways to live. You’re the only person you have to take care of, and your space is all your own. You don’t need a huge home, and the way you decorate it is all your own. The problem with that is that sometimes the apartment is too small to contain your personality. So, to help you with your dilemma, we’ve collected three apartments that make the most of a small space and reflect the personality of the homeowner and if you love the idea any of our partner removal companies will do the moving. Each of these homes come with detailed floor plans to show exactly how all of that was achieved. Let’s take a look.

A single bedroom apartment does not need to cater to the needs of many people, it does however, need to cater to the needs of the homeowner. Most people enjoy having guests over, so any apartment needs to be presentable, and most importantly: it should make the homeowner enjoy being home. This first apartment does just that.

In a stroke of genius, the designer combined the kitchen and study area. The study is just far enough not to get cluttered with kitchen apparel, and just close enough so as to conserve space and provide the homeowner with a fully functional home study. A projector negates the need for a bulky T.V and T.V cabinet. Instead a large wall is kept purposefully bare for the projector- this makes watching a movie to a whole othe rlevel.

Monsa-Tiny Apartments for Singles-Eva Cotman

“Jutarnji List” Publication of Raval in Croatian newspaper

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Jutarnji-123Article about the Raval interior design project published for the first time in croatian leading newspaper magazine.

Read the article written by Iva Novak  here.

B-guided Barcelona

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Portada B-GUIDED #56 OK b-guided #56 eva cotman_Page_1 b-guided #56 eva cotman_Page_2The famous art, design, architecture and fashion magazine published an interesting article about contemporary interior projects in Barcelona. Among others, our Raval project. B-guided article .


Article written by Brian Gallagher.

“Pocos metros y mucho ingenio” Publication in La Vanguardia newspaper

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LaVanguardia“Pocos metros y mucho ingenio” is the name of the article about the renovation of the apartment in Raval.

La Vanguardia is a Spanish daily newspaper, printed in Spanish and Catalan. It has its headquarters in Barcelona, and it is Catalonia’s leading newspaper.


Read the article written by Isabel Villalonga  here.

Interview for the IM Magazine

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IM cocinas y baños IM cocinas y baños__Page_1 IM cocinas y baños__Page_2 IM cocinas y baños__Page_3 IM cocinas y baños__Page_4 IM cocinas y baños__Page_5Interview about interior design and decoration in the magazine “IM cocinas y baños” no. 73_2013. Interviewed by Paula Recarey